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Between his daily three hour broadcast of the Glenn Beck Show and his nightly hour on CNN's Headline News, you could spend 16% of your week listening to Glenn Beck. Don't.
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The less said about Glenn Beck's latest crime against common decency on August 28, the better.  Any kind of exposure given to that man, his followers, and his sophistic ideals, positive or negative, runs the risk of letting another stupid white asshole think s/he is not totally alone and undeserving of love in this world.  Personally, I've tried to avoid any coverage of the event, in a half-assed attempt to stick it to Glenn Beck.

In spite of myself, I clicked on this video by New Left Media, associated with the Huffington Post and it was pretty entertaining.  One has to remember that the interviewer speaks to about 15 of the thousands who shambled to the Lincoln Memorial and is probably edited to get the most ignorant, and thus the most entertaining, responses.  I've already said too much on this subject.

In a similar vein, let's talk about the old figurehead of ignorant conservatism in our country, former President George W. Bush.  Filmed in the greatest city in America, Secret Pants Sketch Comedy asks us the most important question our miserable human cortexes could ever hope to compute: Bush or Batman?

The Bush administration gave us this and Stephen Colbert.
The Obama administration has given us Glenn Beck.
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While promoting his upcoming "Restoring Honor" rally that falls on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech -- and chalking up said coincidence to "divine providence" -- Glenn Beck has repeatedly invoked the memory of the civil rights movement. According to Beck, the rally will "reclaim the civil rights movement" because "Martin Luther King's dream" has "been distorted" and "massively perverted" by progressives.

As we've noted, Beck's shameless co-opting of King's legacy for his own self-aggrandizement is especially appalling in light of his long history of race-baiting (including, but far from limited to calling President Obama a "racist.")

Joining Beck at the rally next weekend will be fellow Fox News employee Sarah Palin, whose presence at the rally is complicated by her defense of Dr. Laura's racially charged rant. As we documented, last night Palin told Dr. Laura "don't retreat....reload!" She also nonsensically chalked up attacks on Dr. Laura to an infringement on her "1st Amend.rights" by "Constitutional obstructionists."

Click for screenshots and the rest of the story. )


Yeah, so, I just threw up in my mouth.

I really appreciate Jezebel's post on this news. There's a bonus clip of Stephen Colbert's take at the end that somehow makes me feel less homicidal.


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