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Nigeria has filed charges against former US Vice-President Dick Cheney over a scandal involving a former subsidiary of Halliburton energy firm.

The case, brought by the country's anti-corruption agency, centres on engineering firm KBR, which admitted bribing officials.

Mr Cheney's lawyer has called the allegations "entirely baseless".
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It's like that movie Red, only Morgan Freeman isn't the first one to die twice.


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With Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee all making moves indicating they may run for president, their common employer is facing a question that hasn’t been asked before: How does a news organization cover White House hopefuls when so many are on the payroll?

The answer is a complicated one for Fox News.

As Fox’s popularity grows among conservatives, the presence of four potentially serious Republican candidates as paid contributors is beginning to frustrate competitors of the network, figures within its own news division and rivals of what some GOP insiders have begun calling “the Fox candidates.”

With the exception of Mitt Romney, Fox now has deals with every major potential Republican presidential candidate not currently in elected office.

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Officials: Sheriff Joe's Office Charged Luxury Trips To County, Misused Up To $80 Million

Ryan J. Reilly
Additional reporting by Johanna Barr

Joe Arpaio, the Arizona sheriff infamous due to his attention-grabbing immigration enforcement related stunts and the accusations his office discriminates against Latinos, allegedly misused millions in funds intended for jail operations, Maricopa County officials said Wednesday.

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I want you to pay attention to the "General funds from the county" bit in the last paragraph of the article. What that means is "We are going to take necessary funding from other programs -- such as food stamps and nutritional programs for women, infants, and children (WIC) and education -- and use it to fix what Joe Arpaio fucked up."

I wonder what Joe Arpaio has on Governor Jan Brewer. The blackmail must be pretty steep if he hasn't been sacked yet.
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Canadian journalist Mitch Moxley told the BBC World Service he was among a group of white North Americans hired by a Chinese company as "quality control experts".Read more... )
By Junaid Ahmed

BBC News

It's a shame that everyone knows about this now.  I think this is the only job that I, as a white male, would be the first choice for an employer.  'John' and 'Ben' sure have changed their tune for the BBC.  The first time I heard about this, they sounded pretty triumphant.


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