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The documents released by Wikileaks provide a fascinating insight into the relationship between two of the world's most secretive nations - China and North Korea.  Official statements from both countries rarely stray from well-worn diplomatic language and are often hard to interpret.

But these leaks - using bold and clear language - lay out what appears to be China's growing frustration with North Korea.

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Is this the end of the greatest bromance of the century?  Time will tell.  As we look to an uncertain future, let us reflect on a history fraught with awkward photo opportunities:

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BEIJING, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Top Chinese leaders paid homage to the Chinese soldiers who died fighting Japanese aggression during the Second World War Friday, the 65th anniversary of the Japanese surrender to China.

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[personal profile] treesahquiche made this glorious picture a reality, but we all know what the Central Committee was thinking when they staged this.
Left side (from left to right): Zhou Yongkang, Li Keqiang, Li Changchun, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao (Notice that Uncle Wen is the only member not scowling)
Center: Hu Jintao
Right side (from left to right): Wu Bangguo, Jia Qinglin, Xi Jinping, He Guoqiang

As you may or may not have noticed, this article is from the People's Daily, a news source that has been known to fudge historical facts. That said, which historical facts made it to this new weave of the tapestry of Communist Party lore can tell you a lot about the direction of the Party today. The article makes NO specific mention of Mao Zedong, the famous Communist Party leader who was savvy enough to gtfo of urban China and attack the Japanese and the Nationalists with propaganda from the countryside. Communism goes similarly unmentioned.

Instead, we can see that the CCP continues its attempt to source legitimacy from nationalism. The "spirit of the Chinese people" was what ultimately defeated the Japanese, not the Americans or Communism. (note that the Japanese surrendered to China.) Special focus is given to assorted Japanese atrocities: germ warfare, genocide in Dushan County, but significantly, the rape of Nanjing isn't mentioned. Greater political analysts than I can sort that one out. The Japanese occupation of Nanjing and differences between historical accounts of the event by China and Japan has been a major source of anti-Japanese sentiment in China.

Is it possible that the Chinese government wants to transform the "War of Resistance Against Japan" into something analogous with the modern American perception of World War II? In America, there is a celebration of the spirit of the American people and the might of the American military, but the Nazis have been reduced to little more than bogeymen. Nobody set a Volkswagen on fire after seeing Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. Maybe China wants its people to hate the historical Japanese who raped their country but move things forward with the modern Japanese who are major economic partners. Trying to reason through doublespeak has given me a headache.

What do you think?

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BEIJING - China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) seek an early resumption of the Six-Party Talks to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula, leaders of both nations have agreed.

The pledge comes at a time when several parties involved in the nuclear talks have strengthened diplomatic efforts to restart the deadlocked mechanism.

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This has all been kind of heavy stuff so I guess I will round out this post with something that is probably more in line with the spirit of ontd_political: a tribute to that most colorful leader, Hu Zongtong, and all of the truly awkward photo ops he has subjected the unwitting public to, as inspired by that gem at the top of the post.Hu will be the first to make a pun? )


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