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The Republican candidate for governor, Carl P. Paladino, told a gathering in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on Sunday that children should not be “brainwashed” into thinking that homosexuality was acceptable, and criticized his opponent, Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, for marching in a gay pride parade earlier this year.

Addressing Orthodox Jewish leaders, Mr. Paladino described his opposition to same-sex marriage.

“I just think my children and your children would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family, and I don’t want them brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option — it isn’t,” he said, reading from a prepared address, according to a video of the event. Read more... )
I apologize for using the NY Times, if you are reading this FROM THE FUTURE, the NY Daily also covered this story here. The LGBT community has been unimpressed with the Democrats' response (or lack thereof) to LGBT issues but when this is the sort of treatment they can expect from the opposition....

The Huffington Post suggests that this is the end of Paladino's campaign. I hope they are right.

[personal profile] treesahquiche I'm going to SUGGEST you don't TAG politician: Carl Paladino in hopes that his political career is over.

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- One of the more unlikely showdowns for the fall elections is taking shape here in this staunchly conservative state, where same-sex marriage is constitutionally banned and the Legislature frequently takes on issues like abortion.

Brittany Novotny, a Democrat and Oklahoma's first known transgender candidate, is running for a seat in the State House against Sally Kern, the Republican incumbent who gained national attention in 2008 for saying that "the homosexual agenda is just destroying this nation" and that homosexuality was a bigger threat than terrorism.

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Well, I guess it's nice that both candidates are veering away from ad hominem and sticking to real issues. Um. I hope their supporters will do the same.
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At a time when the prospects for immigration overhaul seem most dim, supporters have unleashed a secret weapon: a group of influential evangelical Christian leaders.

Normally on the opposite side of political issues backed by the Obama White House, these leaders are aligning with the president to support an overhaul that would include some path to legalization for illegal immigrants already here. They are preaching from pulpits, conducting conference calls with pastors and testifying in Washington -- as they did last Wednesday.

"I am a Christian and I am a conservative and I am a Republican, in that order," said Matthew D. Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a conservative religious law firm. "There is very little I agree with regarding President Barack Obama. On the other hand, I'm not going to let politicized rhetoric or party affiliation trump my values, and if he's right on this issue, I will support him on this issue."

I was all optimistic about this, but really, it just goes downhill from here. )


I don't know how to feel about this. I'd like to see comprehensive immigration reform happen, but I don't think I could work alongside evangelicals -- who are anti-choice and anti-LGBT rights, and thus anti-women's rights -- to make it happen. They're just so hypocritical! "We are pro-family, unless of course your family isn't a conventional heteronormative nuclear family, in which case we'll just leave you to rot." How can they pick and choose like that on an issue that impacts so many people's lives?

Also, since when did the Arizona law have "overwhelming public support" amongst people who weren't bigots with strong ties to the KKK? Do racists suddenly love brown people when they realize that it's a couple hundred thousand more votes in their pockets if they play nice?
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By Martha Nussbaum

In Spain earlier this month, the Catalonian assembly narrowly rejected a proposed ban on the Muslim burqa in all public places -- reversing a vote the week before in the country's upper house of parliament supporting a ban. Similar proposals may soon become national law in France and Belgium. Even the headscarf often causes trouble. In France, girls may not wear it in school. In Germany (as in parts of Belgium and the Netherlands) some regions forbid public school teachers to wear it on the job, although nuns and priests are permitted to teach in full habit. What does political philosophy have to say about these developments? As it turns out, a long philosophical and legal tradition has reflected about similar matters.

Let's start with an assumption that is widely shared: that all human beings are equal bearers of human dignity. It is widely agreed that government must treat that dignity with equal respect. But what is it to treat people with equal respect in areas touching on religious belief and observance?

Click for a coherent, objective, and secular defense of religious and expressive freedoms! )

[For more on this issue, visit the Times Topics page on Muslim veiling.]

Martha Nussbaum teaches law, philosophy, and divinity at The University of Chicago. She is the author of several books, including "Liberty of Conscience: In Defense of America's Tradition of Religious Equality" (2008) and "Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities" (2010).


This article is a bit lengthier than the ones that I typically post here, but it is definitely worth the read. As a minority woman, I've been uncomfortable with Europe's burqa-banning tendencies, which to me seemed like sexism and bigotry cloaked in something societally acceptable. (Think about it -- male politicians and the majority populace are restricting women's freedoms to dress and practice their faith as they choose "for their own good.") I'm not Muslim, but "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

I've never really been able to articulate my feelings properly, since all someone would have to say is something along the lines of, "Well, it's a security threat," and my argument would fall apart because "I should hope that it'd take more than some cotton covering someone's face to stump a security check if I have to pay all those taxes for Homeland Security" isn't a very solid rebuttal.

I'm glad that Dr. Nussbaum has said exactly what I have wanted to say to those who would pretend that their own intolerance is a noble cause for the greater good.
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Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle has moderated a host of policy positions in her transition from a primary candidate to general election contender battling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. One thing she has not backed away from has been her insistence that abortion should be outlawed universally, even in cases of rape and incest.

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Right, because being brutally violated -- especially by a parent -- is simply a lemon and carrying, giving birth to, and raising a child that has the DNA and face of your rapist is exactly like lemonade.

I call bullshit.
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In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the personal is political. No more so than in the issue of personal appearance.

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During the night, three fountains in Tel Aviv were colored with bright red color. The Committee Against the Siege who organized the action says: "We made it to remind people in Israel that the siege policy is only causing bloodshed."

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I originally came across this on the LiveJournal version of ONTD_political -- I hope I haven't done anything wrong in cross-posting this. (If I have, please tell me so posthaste!)

Anyway, this is totally awesome.


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